As a writer and researcher, I believe in sharing my knowledge and any skills that I learn with people interested in learning those skills. After all, we live in an age of heightened communication! Currently, I am holding small-scale workshops on various topics related to writing and communication. A complete list of past and upcoming workshops can be found below, both for children and those about age 18. Scroll to the bottom of the page for testimonials if you would like to see how others’ found the workshops!

All workshops are conducted virtually and independent of any organization or institution. Please email me (see Contact page) to register or with any queries. If you are interested in any of the upcoming listed workshops or any listed as TBD, please let me know and I will try to host it.

Upcoming Workshops:

TBD – Creative Writing for a Young Audience (ages 16+)

TBD – Blogging & Starting Your Own Blog (ages 18+) (based on interest)

TBD – Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (ages 18+) (based on interest)

Past Workshops:

27 February 2023 (8:30 am – 1:00 PM, in-person) – Workshop/guest lesson on ecosystems of India, wildlife of India, and the food web in Indian ecosystems with the 3rd standard students of JBCN International School, Borivali, Mumbai, MH

22 & 23 February 2023 (5:30 – 7:30 PM, online) – Wild Writings: A Nature Writing Camp for Children (Ages 8-16) (minimum 8 participants needed)

4th September 2022 – Tell Me About It! Science Communication Workshop (ages 18+)

12 July 2022 – Nature Journaling workshop with the staff and interns of the Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre, ATREE, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu (in-person)

6 Nov 2021 (6-7:30 PM IST) – Resume and Cover Letter Workshop (FUNDRAISER – follow link to view and donate) (16+) – +2, college, post-graduate, PhD, post-doc, professionals all welcome

2 Nov 2021 (6-7:30 PM IST) – Popular Science Writing & Science Communication (FUNDRAISER – follow link to view) (ages 18+)

28 Oct 2021 (Thursday, 6-7:30 PM IST) – Popular Science Writing & Science Communication (FUNDRAISER – follow link to view) (ages 18+)

18 Sept 2021 (6-7:30 PM IST) – Popular Science Writing & Science Communication (ages 18+)

19 July – 22 July 2021 (6:30 PM IST) – Nature Writing WITH Storytrails (click on the hyperlink to view more details and register)

5 July – 9 July 2021 (2-3:30 PM EST/11 AM-12:30 PM PST) Creative and Nature Writing weeklong camp (open to students in the USA and Canada) – Fundraiser for Project Stree

30 June 2021 (2-4 PM EST/11 AM-1 PM PST) – Writing a College Application Essay (open to 11th and 12th grade students planning to apply to universities in the USA)

31 May – 4 June 2021 (Time: 5-6 pm IST) – Children’s Creative Writing (ages 10-17) WITH Logicology

24-28 May 2021 (Time: 5-6 pm IST)- Children’s Nature Writing workshop WITH Logicology

19 May 2021 (Time: 6:30-8 pm IST)- Popular Science Writing (ages 18+) (COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser) – Total Amount Raised: Rs. 25,000

13 May 2021 (Time: 5-6:15 pm IST)- Let’s Write About Nature (ages 10-17) (COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser) – Total Amount Raised: Rs. 10,974

12 May 2021 – Popular Science Writing (ages 18+) (COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser) – Total Amount Raised: Rs. 17,510

05 May 2021 – Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser) – Total Amount Raised: Rs. 3,700

Feb – June 2021 – Creative Writing for Children WITH Bookworms Hisar (weekly)

03 October 2020 – Popular Science Writing

16 thoughts on “Workshops!

  1. I have attended the workshop ‘Scientific Writing- Adults’, and I have much to say about its usefulness in these times. A wonderful, well executed workshop which is well worth the efforts put in. I learnt a lot and gained new insights into the world of writing and communiticating science to the public. Thanks Priya, for exposing me to that. Now I know what I’m in for, and what I can try to do to get noticed. πŸ™‚

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  2. I attended the Popular Science Workshop. It was really helpful for me as a researcher to understand in detail how popular science writing worked. There were a lot of practical tips for a beginner. Thank you so much for the amazing workshop.

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  3. I attended the Popular Science Workshop by Priya. It was detailed based on apt headings and sub-headings helping and reaching out to a wide range of participants, be it a beginner or an experienced person. Above all, she listened to the queries of the participants with patience and cleared them one at a time. Thank you so much for organizing such an elaborate session, we look forward to many such wonderful workshops!

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  4. I attended the Popular Science Writing Workshop. It was really great, and Priya gave us a detailed breakdown of the entire process. We also got tips that we probably wouldn’t have got anywhere else. Thanks for the motivation to write more!


  5. Attended the Popular Science Workshop – The workshop was amazing. The process of contacting an editor was intimidating to me. This workshop was really helpful for understanding the process and how to go about it.


  6. Attended Popular Science Writing WS: It was well organized. I didn’t have much idea about publishing articles. I liked even the examples that were shown; they really helped me to understand about the different aspects easily.


  7. Popular Science Writing: The basic was great, and the methods on the writing variety available today were very exclusive


  8. I attended the popular science writing workshop. I really found it very helpful as I am a beginner in writing articles. Thank you so much for conducting such a wonderful workshop.

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  9. I attended the 19th May workshop and came away inspired to do some nature writing. It has been a inner calling which I have been ignoring for long.

    The workshop is crisp, clear and is full of useful tips, comments and guidelines for beginners.
    Would highly recommend it for beginners. Thanks!


  10. I have attended the workshop on Popular Science Writing by Priya a week ago. The way she teaches the depth of writing along with the differences in writing patterns in various printing media is remarkable. The workshop was inspiring that leads me to come out of my comfort zone to put my environmental experiences in a written form.


  11. Attending the Popular Science Writing Workshop organised by Priya was a gateway to better understanding the various aspects of “How to write popular articles and the DO’s and DONT’s”.
    With multitudes of important points taught during this workshop, it’s a must to attend if you are a beginner.
    Priya’s expertise and insights are to look forward.


  12. I have attended Priya Ranganathan’s Popular Science writing workshop in 2020, and recently in 2021, I joined the CV/Resume and Cover letter workshop. Needless to say, raising funds for COVID relief through this venture is a very thoughtful initiative, and I was happy to be a part of it. Coming to the efficacy of the workshop, Priya’s insights in science communication and writing have emerged through her experiences and she always shares what she has learnt from those experiences. In my opinion what makes her workshops commendable is that personal touch, what works and what doesn’t, where to start and how to start tips! Not very dry and technical, like some other courses I have attended. Even after the workshops, she provides us with all templates, contacts one might need to move ahead and start writing! Overall, this is the most effective set of workshops I have attended in the field of science communication. Thank you very much, Priya!


  13. I attended Priya’s popular science writing workshop two months ago. I found the workshop informative and engaging. I was looking for a primer on the whole process of pitching, communicating, publishing in dream magazines, and in that I found the workshop effective. As a scholar, I am constantly looking for ways to publish and engage with a wider audience. I was left with quite a few ideas on where to publish, how to reach the right people, and mistakes to avoid.

    Her workshop was also able to generate funds for many covid relief campaigns across the country. Thank you, Priya. You are truly admirable.


  14. I attended the latest workshop on science writing hosted by Priya Ranganathan on September 4 2022, and it was a fantastic journey interlaced with her own experiential learnings from the field. The best part of the workshop for me was the discussion on the red flags while communicating to the editors and the sharing of alternate science communication platforms.

    Looking forward to attending, absorbing and implementing more from her lessons!


  15. I attended the Science Communication Workshop which Priya hosted recently.While this is not the first science communication workshop I have attended I enjoyed how she used real examples of excerpts from different types of popular environmental science articles(Kids magazine articles vs News articles) to emphasize differences in writing styles.Every science communication course emphasizes importance of deciding the audience beforehand.However, knowing about the difference types of communication media and where to pitch the story is equally important in science communication and this workshop was very helpful in that regard.


  16. I was part of Science Communication workshop on the 4th of September, ’22, and had a great experience πŸ™‚ It was open, welcoming and friendly, it delivered everything it promised, and the tips/contacts we were given formed a valuable starting point to enter into science writing. It’s the first time I’ve been told ‘Feel free to contact me in the future if you need help’ and felt like it was actually genuine! Priya covered many of the basics that would be immensely helpful for a beginner, and I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone considering attending.


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