A Voice for Children

Youth for Nature Magazine focuses on bringing current environmental news, informative pieces on India’s wildlife and wild places, and engaging activities to bring children closer to nature. We take pride in showcasing the work of children as well as professionals working to save India’s wilderness to inspire youth to speak for our natural world.

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Articles published for children in Youth for Nature:


A Scientist, a Seed, and a Story of Survival

Why Do We Journal About Nature?

On a Nature Trail!

Snakes of Sea and Sky

The Secret Life of Coral

Spotting a Mermaid

Birding in the Big City

Forest of the Gods

Monkey See, Monkey Do


Dawn of the Panther

Passage to Safety

Wild Ungulates of the Himalayas

Rivers of Ice

Can You Find These Birds in Your City?

Mumbai Saves its Green Lungs!

Reviving a River

Walking with the Caretakers of the Forest

The Stork Sister

How India Came to Be: A Journey Through Time


How to Become a Backyard Ecologist

The Unicorns of Kaziranga

Cavorting with Civets

Living with Wildlife: Conflict or Coexistence?

Leopards in My City

Check out our kids’ picture book published on Pratham Books Storyweaver. Written by Dincy Mariyam & me, illustrated by Asmita Sapre Ranganathan – Check it out HERE