This year, on World Environment Day, I decided to reach out to the next generation of environmentalists – the children of today. As a dance teacher, older sister, and aunt, I have met many children in my life, and their opinions on our planet and its future never cease to impress me. So, here’s something for the kids!

Presenting the YOUTH FOR NATURE magazine, my creation for the children who will grow up in a very different world than the one we are seeing today. Whether or not it is a better world is left to us…and to them. This magazine has three main sections: 1) information about our planet’s wondrous ecosystems and their wildlife; 2) a Kids Speak section, where children give their views on why we need to care about our environment and wildlife; and 3) a variety of quizzes and puzzles for children to enjoy while simultaneously learning about the natural world.

Please check out Youth For Nature’s new WEBSITE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL and follow us as we grow and take you on a magical journey through the wilds of India!

2 thoughts on “Youth for Nature Magazine – World Environment Day 2020

  1. Great initiative! Children need to grow in a better world! It is a pity Italian children cannot read!


    1. The environment matters a lot for all of us, and children will be the custodians of the future! Maybe you or someone you know can translate this into Italian for children to enjoy in Italy!


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